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hoopys counting thread

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Peardrop - so you want a seven then? Tell me all about the spec you want.


Ooh! Ooh! Can I? Can I? 😬




I want a blue Seven! A blue Seven like this Seven wot Caterham South just sold *smile*. I fink the colour is called Trinity Blue *confused*


Of course, Cooper Nut and I just had to go and see it and I got some pictures *idea*. Like this and this and this


And I want black bits on mine too, incl. the wheel arches and wheels *thumbup*. Talking of which, I want these ones *tongue*.


What engine do I want 🤔. I want a 1.6 Vauxhall engine so I can be a little bit different. A Vauxhall engine with SBD bits stuck on it so that it has R300 rivalling 164bhp.


Ooh! And it must have an FIA bar and aeroscreen and if I have some money left over, wide track suspension.


Hmm. Thats a lot of future upgrades to the rorty '96 crossflow I'll hopefully start with *thumbup*.




Boonie, Miss Mav; What would your perfect Sevens be?




Edited by - Peardrop on 16 Apr 2003 20:55:53

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Peardrop, money is cheap just now, go for it!


I had my 1st doors off experience today - Dundee was scorchio - took the long route home this evening - 90mph on a country lane - holy sheet!


Breathing becomes difficult, but it's something totally new to me & I canna wait 'til the next time!!!



Very Black 6spd SuperSport *wink*

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