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Engine block cleaner

Terry Field

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Cover the obvious electrics the best you can with a carry bag. A decent brush also helps to get the cleaner working, then hose it off (not under too much pressure).


I did the tintop a little while back with some cleaner and sprayed around the plugs with a bit of WD40 afterwards - left it a little while for it to do it's magic and get rid of any moisture.


I'll need to do it again - the cleaner I used (some cheap stuff from a motor factors) wasn't much good. But it was loads of grease and dirt from years of the M25... *thumbdown*




😬 - Self portrait - still unable to remove the smile!

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Gunk is the best I know. Warm engine, spray on, leave, hose off. Jizer works too, not quite as aggressive.


Alternatively use the pressure washer at the garage, just keep it away from the electrics for God's sake. This method removed 20yrs of grime from a scabby Spitfire of mine, along with years of peeling underseal, dead animals, etc.

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