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Anybody know Emeralds new contact nos.


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Would you happen to know if they're reading their email? I'm desperate for a session on the rollers and I've sent them a number of emails (all except the last 2 have been replied to). I'm concerned that I won't be ready for the Irish tour in early May, yet I don't want to be a pain their collective...




Worcs L7 club joint AO.//Membership No. 4379//Azure Blue SLR No. 0077//Se7ens List Tours



Edited by - V7 SLR on 10 Apr 2003 11:43:08

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V7 did you get an anwser in the last couple of days im in on monday and travelling 260 miles with a hire trailer and car and want to confirm there still doing it save a lot of money and time in case they have re schedulled me or something, ive tried all there numbers faxes and e mails etc etc, did you have any joy at all *eek*
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