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Tuning Twin 40 Weber DCOEs

Susan S.

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I am in the process of trying to tune/balance twin DCOEs on my SuperSprint. I have a balancing tool and I have set the airflow of each carb to match each other and then set the idle to about 1000 rpm, having set the mixture screws to two turns open. However at this point the backfires are really quite bad and adjusting the mixture screws one at at time as the manual suggests does nothing alter the RPM. Is there any tricks to this or am I just being a Doofus?





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Is the engine fully warmed up? Setting the idle mixtures from scratch is quite tricky, because each cylinder will require a different setting. Can you get access to a CO meter, or colortune plugs? Using RPM changes isn't very easy if you aren't close. I would try and identify which cylinder is most out of tune and then adjust it by feel.


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