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1.8 Rover K - forged pistons


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Following a catastrophic failure at Prescott - does anyone have either:

A set of Forged pistons - or even semi-forged Trophy 160 pistons for a 1.8k series for sale.

Alternatively - a bottom end with forged pistons... that's taking up space. 


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I've got a set that were removed from an R400. They're Omegas, interference fitted on standard rods (I think they were the original fit from when the car was new, rather than re-used rods). They were removed by Dave Andrews from a friend's car some years ago, inspected and declared fit for re-use by him at the time, but they've since just sat on my shelf and I haven't done anything with them. I keep meaning to put them up for sale but haven't got round to that either! They'll need new rings but otherwise they should be good to go. Drop me a BM if you're interested and I'll get some pictures for you.

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