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Metallic red CSR at Meteor motorsport?

Gareth H

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Hello and thanks! Its mine... The boys were changing the rear suspension mounts to the Team Leos items for me 'just in case'. I saw yours when I went to collect it, looking lovely! Are you local too?

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I was lucky it happened on a 50 mph dual carriageway, near a refuge, could have been nasty otherwise. The tyre was covered in oil from the (new) Core damper and the drive shaft may have taken a hit. It was recovered to Simon at Meteor who is dealing with it for me.

The one positive is that I was due to travel down to the Laon Historique with my wife in a couple of weeks, I don't think she would have been quite as relaxed as my buddy who was navigating.if it had happened on that trip! Looks like we're going in the Cayenne now.


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Wow thats unfortunate! At least you're ok.

The dampers are fantastic. Compliant on the road and were fantastic on track. The difference between the settings is remarkable and Simon's set-up was very confidence inspiring (not to mention his tuition!).

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