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Calling SLR/7 owners with KV6 throttle bodies...

Nick Bassett

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... my air filter (sausage type - black foam ITG filter) is on the way out again. They never seem to last long, are very fiddly to fit and are very expensive for something that seems to be of poor quality.

What other options are there out there? A friend with an SLR sent his to ITG for a rebuild, where it looks as though they rebuild something a bit more substantial, but it's £130+ and is still no easier to fit!

I'm sure I've seen some pics of SLRs where an aftermarket TB backplate & orange coloured filter has been fitted that looks more robust and easier to fit/remove etc. Can anyone provide any info please?



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The KV6 and PTP throttle bodies are different, the KV6 have a cast filter backplate which does make fitting an alternative slightly awkward.

If I recall from the KV6 setup I had the issue is the throttle linkage which swings through a rebated section of the backplate, possibly meaning a spacer would need fitting to each body before fitting a flat universal backplate.


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