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Brake pad spec - hillclimb/sprint focused


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Evening, what's the consensus on brake pad specs for a 260bhp Vauxhall XE S3 Caterham used predominately for hillclimbs/sprints. It will however remain road legal with the occasional track day.

I think it's got Performance Friction PF01 pads currently but I'm renewing discs all round as part of a refresh so need new pads. I've not driven it in anger prior to the refresh so I haven't got a baseline to go from.

Front calipers are the old spec 4 pot AP parts with vented discs, rears are standard sierra calipers with solid discs.


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You have captured my car spec pretty well identically although I do track days rather than sprints now. Brake pads are difficult to recommend I think as it's down to feel as much as stopping power. I've tried a few different pads but keep coming back to mintex 1144. I'm sure you'll get a host of different suggestions ....

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