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Caterham 160 for sale - SOLD


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Sadly I need to let go of my 160. F14827977inished in Aston Martin apple tree green with black leather interior. This car has had 2 former owners, not including myself. The paint is pristine, sprayed by ex Caterham factory paint shop in December with new stone chip guards and door protectors. This 160 comes with a host of extras over the standard car, lowered floor on the drivers side for extra leg room, spare wheel and carrier, full vinyl soft top (hardly used), roof bag, Oxted Trimming mohair half-hood (never used), Oxted boot bag in mohair (also never used), Softbits long-nose rain protector, ITG air filter because you can never get enough of the turbo wastegate sound. This car makes everyone just smile and gets a great reaction, though they think it is a classic as the dateless registration gives the car some personality.

November 2016 registered.

7182 miles

I'm looking for any good offer over £19,000


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