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Adjusting nitrons

Graham Hutton

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Hi! I think I am going to commit to upgrading my suspension to some Nitrons and that got me thinking about how easy or difficult it is to change the settings on a track day. My car is mainly used on the road and so I imigine myself rocking up to Brands and needing to make a few click adjustment. Looks like it'd be easy on the front but is it a wheels off job on the rear?

I'll be ringing meteor motorsport tomorrow but if anyone wants to shed any light beforehand it'd be appreciated.

Thanks :-)

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I have got Nitrons on my R300 and it's a doddle to adjust both front & rear. You don't need to remove the rear wheels. You can adjust the clicker with everything in place on the ground.

FYI, I run the fronts @ minus 14 from hard and the rears @ minus 18 from hard on the road and I find that spot on; stiffening them up 4 clicks for track days.

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