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IVA Test Protocol


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I am taking my 170 for its IVA next week.  The test centre is about 70 miles away which gives me plenty of distance to bed in the brakes.   However, the weather forecast isn't great and I wanted to know what peoples experience is with the doors.  I know the doors need to be off for the test (and the mirrors attached to the front screen surround), but is it OK to turn up with the doors in place and just take them off for the duration of the test?  I am possibly going to get pretty wet if I have to drive over there with no doors on.  

I have taken out insurance for the day, based on the VIN number.

Any thoughts / experiences most welcome.


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Take some tools too. On mine they asked me to remove the pedal box cover so they could inspect the throttle and brake linkages.

Overall it was a terrific experience and I was please not to get wet as I had left my doors at home. 2 years ago now and the time has flown by. Enjoy!!

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