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TOYO TR-1 195/50 x 15 TYRES ANYONE?


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I need to replace the very old Toyo T1-S and T1-R tyres on my C7 1700 Supersprint which runs on 15 inch rims. Road use only and with cost in mind.  Not worried about longevity as I don't do enough miles, just driveability, in all conditions.

Are any members using Toyo TR-1 tyres and how have they found them? Other lower priced recommendations welcome!

Thanks in advance.



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About to make a similar decision.  I recently purchased a 1993 1700 SuperSprint with 6000 miles mostly in the 90s and early 00s with no miles since 2008.  It on its original Goodyear NCT 5000 15" tyres.  I looked at the TR1s and the NS2R and all seem wrong for the car, almost to modern.  Then I discovered Yokohama where remaking modern A008s, which are a period tyre (stopped production in 1995) in the correct size.  There isn't much on blatchat about these tyres apart from comments when they had already been disconnected.   I am choosing them because of their period look and relatively higher grip than the original Goodyears. 

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