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Seat Runners


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Does anyone know the difference between the "seat runners for race seat" and "seat runners 620"? First and second photo respectively. 
It looks like the 620 runners may have a captive nut. Does anyone know if they are completely interchangeable? ie the spacing of the holes is the same. Thanks.B455D273-B091-4533-A56B-647B24412E16.jpeg.be833896fca223528b818250531a194d.jpegD66C5A17-147A-4CB4-BD75-0EC1F00F58D4.jpeg.e2b78c80a71d75575f97739a71d0a763.jpeg

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I response to my own question it would seem that 620 runners are just the Race seat runners with hastily tacked on captive nuts. They didn't even bother to paint over the nuts or the metal they ground off to weld the nuts on. All dimensions are the same. 

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