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Rover K Series forged pistons and rods - sold


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Accralite forged pistons/rings and Maxspeeding rods with ARP 2000 bolts.

Light road use approx. 2,000 miles.

Some slight scratches around gudgeon pin access where the clips are located, but all machined faces are unmarked. Flat topped so I believe they are 11:1 compression ratio. Being forged there is extra clearance for expansion and they rattle slightly until warmed up.

Used in a 1.8K, but I think they can also be used in 1.6.

£325.00 + p&p.

20230313_123252.thumb.jpg.e462222e5bf1dc2b9e5bfaa78f50905d.jpg 20230313_123305.thumb.jpg.318415e9fb0a2186e48fb308a19146a4.jpg 20230313_123321.thumb.jpg.f0223b9544fea56d2bb542f4b44acfa0.jpg 20230313_123408.thumb.jpg.e4537e4cf7a4d137f209560b1e8cedd6.jpg 20230313_123434.thumb.jpg.828dd69f4f4d90995e37d37e5802be8a.jpg

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