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Track helmet


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Try some different ones on - each brand fits differently and it will depend on the shape of your head.

If it's for car track days get a car-specific one. Most circuits require a full-face helmet in a Caterham too.

I have a Bell Sport 5, which is a comfortable entry-level one, but you can spend a lot more. I think the current equivalent is the GT-5 Sport. Prices have gone up a lot since 2016 when I bought mine though. I paid £330 which included HANS posts, but you're looking at £526 for the equivalent now *yikes*. Other brands can be cheaper though.



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Fit is vital, so don't buy mail order. 

For the money you pay, you'll get a far better quality motorcycle helmet than car one. No VAT helps, but it's largely economies of scale. £200 will buy you the cheapest car helmet, or a very nice bike helmet (I paid £159 for mine reduced as it was an unpopular colour). And it's easy to find bike clothing shops where you can try on lots of different helmets (J&S or Infinity Motorcycles round here).

Some argue that car helmets are designed for repeated impacts in the same place, I'm not convinced. It's certainly true that you can't fit HANS posts to a bike helmet, and that the linings aren't fireproof, but I'd argue neither of those are important for someone just starting track days.

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