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Ford Part number for Sigma fixed cam crank bolt and Torq Setting?


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Next week I will be changing my cam belt but still need a new crank bolt. Caterham out of stock and ford struggling to ID the correct part number for me. Just keep asking what HP the car is.

Also, I have seen a few different results for the torq setting. One said 110nm another 45nm+90deg.

Thanks Rob

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Thank you and for the pm. Much appreciated.

A ford dealer suggested it would be an M12 45mm although the one in the image Caterham shows for the fixed cam looks longer?

 Caterham shows one for the VVT, it is longer again with what looks like a washer and not threaded to the top,  it wont be that then.

So the one I require will be fully threaded but could it be 45mm or longer?

Once I start the strip down I'd rather get it back together in one go so checking what I have then ordering will be a delay.

I should be able to get a bolt once sure.

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Just updating,

So as per Dave's picture my bolt turned out to be the same.

So do not go by the Caterham parts page. Bolt type must relate to year not if fixed or V cam.

The Caterham part number though is also the Ford number so nipping up the road I got the bolt for £6

Torque setting. Ignore the 115nm that is listed in many places. 40nm +90deg is much tighter and gets to a point where the bolt feels locked.

I locked the flywheel, my air rattle gun would not fit between the bolt and chassis rail so had to use a torque wrench anyway.

While at it, I cut a slot in the lower cam cover and shaved a bit of the lip off. I will now be able to do future work without the extra job of removing the crank bolt. The cover will come off with the lower retaining bolt removed, cover turned clockwise and pulled.

Thanks Rob

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