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Part Number for Ford Sigma Cam/Rocker Cover for Pre-2014 (Not VVTI)?


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I am looking for a good used or new Ford Sigma Cam Rocker Cover for the Pre-2014 Fixed Cam (Not VVTI) Engine. Does anyone know the part number please? For the avoidance of doubt, I am looking for the actual Cam/Rocker cover for painting - NOT the 'cosmetic cover' that Caterham fitted over the top of it as shown in the second picture.A_www.aliexpress.comi1005004624909397.png.de48d834e36a541684e964b6b8cf4562.png B_TypicalRoadsportSigma150Installation_2012_SimilartoMine.png.bce7e294d7d0e819c1d8809c9775f437.png .

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