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Speedo sensor wiring


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Hi, I'm having to fit a new Speedo pickup to my 2003 roadsport. I've traced the 2 wires from the Speedo head, which I think are light green and red/blue,  I've done the earth mod. Can anyone tell me please which of the 3 wires on the sensor goes to which on the car. I assume that the black is the earth leaving the blue and brown.



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When you say "pickup", are you referring to the sensor (mounted next to the outer end of the RH driveshaft)?

If so, the connections are:

Sensor   Loom

Blue       Black (earth)
Black     Yellow/Black (pulse signal)
Brown    Green (12v supply)

Note that, perversely, the sensor Black is not the earth but the pulse wire.

Have you seen this Guide?


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Some more info would be useful, just to help clarify things... 

What car are we discussing? Is it a K or a Sigma?  Is it a standard model or an ex-racer perhaps?

Where does the speedo sensor sit?  Is it next to the RH driveshaft reluctor ring, on an angle drive from the gearbox, or somewhere else entirely?

Can you read the Caerbont part number on the speedo?

It's the red/blue wire that's puzzling me.


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