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4 to 5 Speed conversion possible alternative to Sierra box.


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I'm considering changing the gear box to the 5 speed however the chassis would need considerable mods, however has any one done this mod or is it worth considering a different gearbox.

yes there's  are lots to change, I'm not naive to what's involved. Just looking for alternative gearboxes.

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Mk1 MX-5 box is sweet though adaptor plate and prop would need to be custom, location of gear lever may not align either...

ratios will not be perfect for a 7, speedo calibration / drive will need looking at as will the location of the rear mount.

or Ask Steve at Tracsport to build you a box with proper ratios that will fit, with his Tracsport semi helical gears


options on 1st and 5th gear ratios.


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