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Woog removable mirror links


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Does anybody else use these? I ordered a pair via amazon marketplace last month. Not cheap at £169 a pair but they are well designed and made, or so I thought.

I used them for the first time yesterday and when I went out to the car this morning I discovered the left hand one has started to come apart (pics attached)The rear bracket that slideswoog2.thumb.jpg.e7dc601d1bd84736a486d91397fd43f2.jpg over the body is attached to the main bracket with a similar sized spacer. Although the spacer appears to be bolted to the main bracket the actual  bracket is only glued on. Not very good to fall apart after a day!

I have written an email to Woog in Italy although I'm not sure I shouldn't just communicate via Amazon.  In the event I have no luck I'm wondering whether they are repairable. I don't know what they are made of(some sort of carbon maybe). Would a good clean up and Araldite work?woog1.thumb.jpg.2ecc4755a6e85988aafb37e3509118d4.jpg

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