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1800 K series, 2004 fuel filters?


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Hi good people I am doing a steady rolling restoration of my 1800 VVC K series roadsport sv. I am finding occasionally cornering/ revving hard a bit of misfire/ stutter in acceleration (full tank of fuel)

 I want to try to be logical (for a change) have replaced fuel line return filter and the chunky post tank metal (bosch from memory) one as well. However is there an in tank one incorporated into the fuel pump? Which I should have a look at?

I have done all the normal servicing things, like plugs, air and oil and filters, virtually every rubber part and hose (Australia cooks and eats rubber). The car is 16 years old so it needs the TLC. I figured as it seems to be at high revs maybe fuel pump/ filter as at normal speeds she purrs like a kitten.

Any of your brilliant advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. 

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