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AP racing CSR 260 Clutch


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The notes from my previous owner say the above is the fitted clutch to a 2007 2.3 Duratec R ( built by raceline- can't get anything out of them)


First has become hard to engage, especially from cold, pressing the gear lever to the ga e of 1sr actually moves the car slightly without engaging the gear. Using most of the 'tall first' can make it extremely difficult to select second.


Apart form that the clutch seems to work absolutely fine. Much much better when everything is at temperature.


If replacing does anyone know if there is a better alternative part available or of if the existing part is available and the best option?





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In order to establish if the problem lies with the clutch or gearbox....

Is the clutch clearing...?

ie - if you try to engage reverse does it engage or grate..?

If the late its not clearing, so you may have an actuation problem rather than the clutch itself, the AP red spot cover and plate ( or upgraded CP 5351-1) are a good set up.

Does the pedal pump up and improve at all...?


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