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Several complete Ford Diffs (one is a ZF LSD)

paul jacobs

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I've decided to clear my collection of Ford original diff. units.

The most interesting is a 3.92 ZF LSD off a 2001 1600k grads. car.  approx 22,000 miles and quiet as a very quiet thing.   £1,195.00

A brand new, unused 3.6 open Ford diff, unused supplied to me with a CSR, but I substituted a 3.3 LSD unit, so now surplus to requirements.  Presume quiet, as it was a new Ford unit, (not recon. CC unit)  £850.00

A used 3.3 open Ford diff.  Never used, bought as a spare, no history but assume quiet, but no guarantee £500.00


Please BM me if of interest.

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Hi Igor,

I'm afraid I don't know, it was already in the car when I bought it - an ex academy 1600 k series.  It drove well, with no noise or undue slipage.  In fact I had to jack it up and rotate the wheels to check that there was a LSD in there.

















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