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CSR Geometry/Alignment Settings


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There's no end to the amount of information and advice that's published for S3 geometry and set-up but, in contrast, there's very little out there for CSRs - and seemingly not even any official or factory data.

I have come across one or two individual set-ups (Mike/Croc in the US for instance, for his track-oriented Superlight 260) but I wonder if anyone has anything that shows 'factory' recommendations for a road-going CSR260?  In particular, if Mick Attree picks-up on this, I'd really welcome his views.

For what it's worth, the information I have gathered so far is as follows:

  • Rake:   15mm (but probably less than this on a CSR, in contrast to a S3 car)??
  • Front caster:   nominally 4.5 deg (+/- 1 deg)
  • Front camber:   0.25 deg - 0.5 deg (15 mins to 30 mins) negative - so much less negative camber than is typical for a S3 car
  • Front toe:   nominally parallel
  • Rear camber:   1.75 deg - 2.00 deg negative  OR  1.20 deg - 1.80 deg negative (quite a difference between these two recommendations)
  • Rear toe:   1.50mm toe-in per side (which I calculate, across a 15" rim diameter, to be 0.25 deg or 15 min per side)

Any authoritative insight would be helpful!


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