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CSR 260 advice needed

David Brown

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Going for a fill up before meeting others for a run tomorrow I experienced noise which I think is transmission related. Have only done two runs of half a mile to try to diagnose. One sound is like a brake shield rubbing and the other is a decelerating whirring noise when I lift off, both from the centre of the car. Clutch feels fine, no noise when out of gear. Between runs I jacked it up, could see nothing and rotating the wheels when in gear didn't produce any unusual noises. The sounds are like light rubbing rather than clunks or something more solid. Would have thought if it was clutch related that I would have felt something when changing gear. Prop shaft is fully enclosed on the CSR but would have thought I would have heard or felt something in the uj's when it turned the wheels when off the ground. 
Any suggestions? 

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