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For sale-Caterham 7, HPC, VX 2.0, 17k miles, 1997. **SOLD**

David Ford

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Vauxhall 2.0 litre 16 valve, 175 bhp HPC, 45 DCOE Webers, MBE967e ECU

6 Speed Gearbox
40th Anniversary Edition
Registration number “L7 VXE” included
Wide track front suspension
Adjustable platforms
Big brakes
Carbon fibre front & rear wings
Raceco silencer
Titanium stone guards
Detachable Momo steering wheel
Starter button
Mohair boot cover
Hoodsticks (not fitted), hood & hood bag
PPG paint protection film
KN Minator wheels (6x14) yokohama AO21 R tyresP1060519_0.thumb.JPG.0b32553c5629aee06b0a6a2993cb013b.JPGP1060520_0.thumb.JPG.8472f869ac665954ceb6b8607959bbca.JPGP1060521_0.thumb.JPG.bdb4ba57bfbb364741f840abbb96c176.JPG P1060534.thumb.JPG.0567ad32dd9824a71af2d78df2db31ee.JPG P1060537.thumb.JPG.50d1398ee13932d87b2c282531dc0674.JPG P1060526.thumb.JPG.59bdcc9cc0753725214e0b68c73fb100.JPG P1060527.thumb.JPG.d9cf44853e72140f5793ff54eec2297c.JPG P1060533.thumb.JPG.064fae93d0cb9927ea0989a5318dadeb.JPG P1060530.thumb.JPG.6f31a3feab626e2391b2f8d2953337ff.JPG P1060507.thumb.JPG.7ebba2084fac4d5ca5f6fde3019f7fc0.JPG P1060506.thumb.JPG.f659bff95766178b75d893e01af7e67b.JPG P1060503.thumb.JPG.3bbf52c1ea9e4005303048e94d39f2e3.JPG P1060397.thumb.JPG.e8ed0a1d205c336313ca0477f2ad6b50.JPG P1060332.thumb.JPG.976d3be4fdbf1b908a3d2ee47394e659.JPG

During 2011/12 the car was refurbished at a cost of approx. £7,000 which mainly related to new side skins fitted by Arch (to rectify imperfections following the 2002 conversion from flared to cycle wings). In addition carbon fibre wings (4) were fitted and a complete respray was carried out by Kenrick Motors of Llangollen.  Photographs of the refurbishment are available.

Comprehensive service/history file covering 23 years from the original purchase invoice throughout to the present date. During the last 14 years of current ownership servicing has been carried out by Kenrick Motors. 

The condition can be seen from the photographs and is as good underneath as on top with no evidence of rust anywhere. Further photographs to confirm the condition are available. 

Price: £19,000

Contact: David Ford 01248 490425. For those genuinely interested please contact to discuss further and/or request  additional photographs. 

Location: Anglesey, North Wales




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Hi David and Andrew,  It has to be over 30 years old, so 10 August 1990 is the cut off point at the moment.  I am advised that after the brexit transition period, there will be further complications. To register as a car of collection with the FFVE, you first have to get a tax form from the local tax office.  The car can then only be registered to the person named on this tax form.  Once the transition period finishes, unless the tax form is already completed, I am told that the French equivalent of VAT will have to be paid, which will somewhat take the shine off things..... I can wait patiently for a couple of years, so about 1992 is my personal cut off point *smile*


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Hi David, did I spot you late afternoon in Beaumaris on Friday? We were returning from a successful session of crabbing and I saw a car like yours as we were leaving. Gave you a quick wave, but as I was in a heavily laden red Golf, air doubt you noticed!

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Hi Tom, Yes you probably did spot me - I went for a short blat to Menai Bridge and back at between 5 & 5:30pm ish. Apologies that I didn't notice you waving, Beaumaris was very busy with people and traffic so I was keeping my eyes on the road. Crabbing from the pier is popular.

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