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Half hood on tall roll cage


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Hi guys, I'm Andi, a new member and a new Caterham owner.

I will take delivery of an "Academy"/Graduates race car from 2000 in a few weeks time. The car has the high roll cage I think made by Safety Devices.

I tried to work with Soft Bits for Sevens and Oxted Thundersport to acquire a half hood for this car but neither companies have patterns or can even do a custom job.


So my question for the forum: Has anyone fitted a half hood to one of those cars/cages before? I'm not looking for a perfect fit but it should be functional.



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I have the same cage and a SBFS half hood. I 'think' it was for a tall FIA bar. I'd need to check the paperwork! I had to make longer side straps. 



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Hi Andi,

Welcome to the madhouse!

I can't answer your question about the half-hood but I have a tall cage and the same side impact bar on mine and the only way I can easily get in and out is through the top of the cage. (5'8" and carrying a little extra timber!)

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Thank you guys for your replies!

@Ian, it would be great if you could let me know what you find. SBFS has those versions: https://www.softbitsshop.co.uk/caterham-classifications-12-w.asp

By "making longer side straps" do you mean you had to get the sewing machine out or is it the slid-y bit that you had to get a longer one? If I knew by how much you extended them I could possibly ask the manufacturer to make them a bit longer.


@Aeroscreen, Thank you for your input. I found your website very helpful while I was trying to find out all the details about Caterhams over the last few weeks and months.

I was actually thinking about that. My plan is to ditch the half doors and the big side impact bar. Instead I will run the rear wheel intrusion bar (found and bought one already) for some protection and full doors.

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