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Garage Clearout, GRP Wings, Side Impact Bar and Sierra Diff

Chris Perry

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Dear All,

Garage clearout time! Buyers to collect from Kidderminster evenings or weekends.

Front and Rear GRP Wings

Full set of Front and Rear GRP black metric chassis wings. Pair of front wings are cracked and scuffed. Pair of rear wings were brought at recent Caterham gumble sale but the holes drilled in the mounting flange did not line up with my car. Wings have been drilled for stone guards.

Would suit trackday warrior, racers/sprinter types where condition is not important.

All free to a good home.

Low Back Caterham GRP race seat

Not tillet but the narrower ones that pre-dated them. Scuffed and scratched but has brackets.

Would suit trackday warrior, racer/spriter types where condition is not important.

Free to good home.

Caterham supplied Quaife Sierra Rear Differential, Not LSD

Came fitted to my 2010 Academy car. Usual clonks, groans and knocks. Needs a rebuild. Think the ratio is 3.91.


Caterham Metric Side Impact Bar

Used for one season. No damage but a few scuffs.

Free to good home.



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