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Caterham handbrake button


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Probably the daft question of the week, or even the year!

Does anyone know what thread is used inside the handbrake button on a 2005 SV ? I am not sure of the handbrake origin but suspect it uses an imperial thread. It is certainly not M4 or M5, but having tried every possible Imperial thread I have drawn a blank. My reason for asking? I have machined a new button that just needs drilling and the appropriate thread cutting! It is impossible to access the thread of the rod inside the handbrake so I am unable to measure this either. Frustrating!

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I have unscrewed the existing button but there is no means of measuring what thread, if any, is inside. Further investigation suggests it may just be an interference fit which is OK in plastic but not in aluminium. My current thinking is to make a plastic insert for the aluminium button.

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