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New R500 K series compression results anyone?


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They are an average of 10% down on two years previously. Last refresh was 2010 I think, so hence wishing to learn the original numbers to get an idea of the rate of loss.

1 -10% being 206 : 186

2 -13% being 210 : 182

3 - 16% being 220 : 184

4 - 19% being 215 : 175

from 28/6/17 to 9/8/19

I note that the further they are from the front, the more the loss.

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In my experience the results can vary quite a bit between different gauges, test conditions etc. so the absolute numbers should be taken with a bit of a pinch of salt. You are more looking for the differences between cylinders to identify obvious issues, but clearly that won't pick up a general wear and year issue across them all. Your No 4 is a little bit down but only about 5% relative to the others. 10% would be more worrying. Out of interest 1) In what order did you test the cylinders? 2) How long did it take you to complete the test, i.e. roughly ow much time elapsed between testing the first and last cylinders and 3) Was the engine cranking as fast at the end of the test as it was at the start, or was the battery beginning to tire?
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