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2017 Honda CR-V 2.0 Ex - Automatic (fitted with mobility scooter hoist)


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This is a specialised vehicle, but for the right person this would be a perfect buy...

This was my uncle's car. Bought from a Honda Main Dealer and has FSH, and has been garaged all its life. The colour is black.

Mileage is less than 15000, he used it sparingly because he was ill when he bought it.

The car is currently fitted with an electric hoist that allows the driver to easily store and remove an electric wheel chair which sits in the boot.

Total cost would be around £25000 for a similar vehicle brand new.

Webuyanycar will give us £16700 without hassle. However, if it can go to a deserving family I would rather they save the cash, rather than extra profit for a dealer.

This would suit any family with a member that has mobility problems. It is an easy car to drive with plenty of space and had very little use.


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