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Meteor Motorsports Clear Aero + mirrors for S3...............SOLD


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This is in perfect condition as its only been used twice and my car has gone.

These are the best aeroscreens as the fact they are clear means you can see your front wheels.

It has motamec convex black wing mirrors and a tiny convex rear view mirror which is only 2 inches above the scuttle so you can see over it. The centre mount uses the snap buttons on the scuttle so has 2 female buttons on the centre so it's a 2 minute job to fit. Bear in mind these aeroscreens take a couple of hours to drill the holes in the perfect place and mount the mirrors as they come undrilled so that work is done for you!

msmit150@hotmail.com 07715042553

I want £220 and that's delivered to any UK address






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