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I have the standard 2 piston Girling calipers up front with Ferodo DS 2500 and Mintex M1144 at the rear. I have noticed the rear pads are wearing much faster than the fronts, also the rear discs seem to get hotter than the fronts on track days. Is this normal? The brake balance seems fine albeit it needs a huge amount of pedal pressure, I have the aluminium AP master cylinder. The car is now running 195 bhp and the standard brakes still seem fine although the rears could be a problem as at the end of a track day the discs are almost blue with the heat. Does this sound like a brake imbalance problem.

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Yes the whole system is factory standard the AP cylinder was a factory option, I was a bit concerned that the brakes might not be sufficient for a car this powerful but at Cadwell they seemed absolutely fine. Croft will test the brakes as the straights are quite long and there are two of them!

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