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K series with no bypass circuit.


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Has anyone out there any experience of running a K series with no bypass circuit.

I have an ex race car and have just installed an 82 degree stat (with a bypass hole). It appears to work ok, but needs to be revved a little at tick over to bring the temp down with the fan. On the road it cycles between 76 and 82 degrees when hot. I would install a bypass circuit but the heater pipe on the water rail has been removed. I could just go back to having no stat, but it is a pain to blank off the rad for the cool early morning runs I have to do to get any time in the car. Does anyone have any opinions on any problems this set up could cause, or should I just try to find a new top rail?




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Thanks for the reply.

 I am adding a T piece in the top hose and connecting it to the stat housing outlet.  I may have made a late night (drunken booboo) by sticking a screwdriver into the head bleed  pipe to unjam the valve which freed suddenly, and has now disappeared into the head....

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