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Sold - SV standard exhaust & manifold for K series


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Recently replaced the exhaust/manifold so now have the original collecting dust/taking up space. It came off a 2003 SV with 1800 K series; car has done ~22k. Some gravel marking around exit pipe but otherwise OK - see pictures. Could separate exhaust/manifold.

Open to offers to offset a (small) part of outlay on new system (*yikes*




C7miscellaneous-1of4(1).thumb.jpg.c066b311f1fcd65fec8a6d66584c52af.jpg C7miscellaneous-2of4(1).thumb.jpg.b614728e6b27687a8bbfca2b85364692.jpg

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My SV is a 2005 with what looks like an identical all stainless system, so I assume yours is the same. Mine is a 1.8K series. If I am correct I might be interested and then get it all polished. How much do you have in mind? I am not wanting to spend much as I was intending to remove mine and get it polished in the winter, but using yours would make things easier and quicker.

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