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4 point harness for a ‘80es Super Seven?


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I have just removed a set of the 'standard buckle' 4-point belts from a car; I agree (though you might say I have a motive for saying so!) that these might be more in keeping with the period appearance than the more modern quick-release (rotary buckle) type. 

They are in great condition except that the tops of the shoulder straps have faded a touch - but I would have thought that some fabric dye would sort that in a jiffy.  All of the fixings (bolts, washers and spacers) are there, too.

Photos (probably in weird orientations) below in case of interest.


IMG_9124_0.thumb.jpeg.00fbc44b83c050b0ab59618f4dc4f246.jpeg IMG_9125_0.thumb.jpeg.fa6dbe77719d289974e2136cf4dffeb3.jpeg IMG_9126_0.thumb.jpeg.075595a37932c9c5bbcb578a3439e627.jpeg IMG_9127_0.thumb.jpeg.b27f5f063b95c481b1b997ebdfcca9f4.jpeg IMG_9128_0.thumb.jpeg.826cce7d34a2d692f5dc8dc354c2bf12.jpeg IMG_9129_0.thumb.jpeg.f260f68ba7b3a9df6ca241785e14ee7b.jpeg




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When I bought the car earlier this year it was fitted with 5 point harnesses.  I didn't like these and they were a little shabby so I decided to replace them.  Since I no longer do trackdays I thought that the 'traditional' style would be good especially for my wife who finds wearing a full harness a bit of a faff.

I got my mechanic mate to fit them but instantly did not like then, I actually found adjusting them a little fiddly so the car is going back to him to take them out and fit 4 point belts.  He lives 5 miles away hence 10 miles usage!

They are black with "WILLANS" script.


I wont quote a price until I know you don't want James B's as he got in first and I don't want to have a price war!




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