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2 litre VX Users - Cam belt Covered?


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I used to run it covered but during a cam belt change discovered that the peg in the backplate that is used to mount the special cam belt tensioning tool had fallen off and lodged behind the crank pulley very nearly falling into the belt run. Probably a one in a thousand occurrence but I'd rather be able to see that the belt and the belt run is clear. Excursions into gravel traps are a concern (not that I've had many) but again at least I can see if I've scooped up gravel.

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If you run without a cover, it's usual to remove the flange from the front of the camshaft cover (it just looks neater) If you do this you need to mark your camshaft pulley wheels so that you can easily re-time your cams (the oe reference marks are on that flange)


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