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painting wheels - any advice ?


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I built a 270S last summer and have subsequently done a few cosmetic improvements. Next little project is to paint the plain alloy minilites. I'm going to do the spokey bits black and leave the rims unpainted. I want a satin finish on the paint. I have a compressor and a decent spray gun. I'm assuming a few coats of colour with a couple of coats of satin lacquer on top. The wheels are virtually brand new (only 700 miles on them so far)

Any advice on: type of paint to use, how to prep the wheels, how many coats, etc. 

Many thanks in advance...


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It depends what kind of end result that you want, new wheels with black centers and 'polished' rim there are actually painted completely black and are then diamond cut to accomplish a shiny alloy surface on the rim and then receive a clearcoat.

With a rattle can you can have a decent finish but the paint is not as strong as powdercoat but is rather similar in strength as a paint used on car body's that hasn't cured in an oven.

First u clean the wheel with wheel cleaner and rinse with water, then degrease with something like a cellulose thinner then it depends on your skill for sanding. U can use a gray scotch bride that is really easy to use or u can use 600 grid sanding paper like 3M Hookit care full not to sand trough the powdercoat but make sure that every part is sanded. Next step is to degrease again mask off the valve and tyre degrease again and apply your paint as recommended by the manufactor regarding flash off times and repaint time.

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