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Drysump tank - Crossflow


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Will be re-fitting my Crossflow engine shortly.It now has a Titan drysump and pump fitted.  Any suggestions on the oil tank.

I noted there are some available to two parts for "easy cleaning"  - Merlin Motorsport  Any feed back appreciated.


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Yes I have a Merlin tank in my 85, 7, and all I can advise you on is you need a new RH engine mount, Caterham had one hopefully they have more, sorry I bought the last one.

the plumbing is tight and you need to think a bit out side the square. Buy a pump with the oil filter as part of the assembly , plenty of room for the filter, I used a remote filter... a real pain to plumb.

Picture is the best way to describe how its fitted.

I replaced the original battery tray with a piece of 3mm ally and put the tank on top of that. Battery moved to top of the scuttle but yours may be down under the steering shaft.

I used a Peterson dry sump tank support ( because I had one)

The scavenge oil goes via an oil cooler down the left side and the oil feed goes up and over the bell housing. BDG cars went underneath, but over is safer.



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Installed a Easy Clean tank, Titan oil pump, and a remote filter on my BDD 12 years ago. I clean the tank once a year and am always amazed at the "goop" inside. Not an easy job, and it can be messy at times, but well worth the effort. I like the tank and would recommend it.

My installation is a little different but similar in concept to the one in auyt's photograph.

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