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Factory car rear decal reference measurements


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Quick request for a photo and dimensions of the rear offside decal from a factory car.   I need to stick my decal on and I'd like to get it as close to factory as possible.

I also need to stick the plaque on my painted cam cover, anyone else done that before?   I suspect I can't use washing up liquid to move that around and I want to get it straight or my OCD will kick in *yuck*



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shampoo is better - washing up liquid contains salt. I was recommended johnsons baby shampoo for PPF application.

I put some fine cut vinyl on the back panel of the seven without floating it on. just use masking tape and pencil lines to set up / mark your placement points. Also had to re-attach precisely a 'Carrera' badge (long story!) and after one failed attempt meaning cutting out trim tape in a 'Carrera' shape for a second time, I used the trim tape to temporarily stick 2 bits of lego on the boot lid to act as a runway for badge sticking. Perfect positioning second time around and OCD box ticked!! 


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