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Croft Track Day


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Hi Everyone,

My apologies to start, I know these questions will have been asked a thousand times before. I am thinking of driving my first track day at Croft in August, I have a 2010 super light  R300 and would like advice on the following;

1. If I get new/used wheels/tyres what combination would be best, tyre/wheel sizes etc? I would plan to take the track day wheels/tyres and fit at the track, or should I just drive on standard 15” rims & Avon 500’s? bearing in mind I have a 2-3 hour drive home. I have read I’m sure, smaller (13” wheels) and higher profile tyres are more suited to track use?

2. Track day insurance, from whom, how much should I pay?

Many thanks to all.

Mark H.


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Most prefer 13” wheels but there’s nothing wrong with 15” and CR500 tyres are fine for track. If your car is setup for 15” wheels I would stick with that as you may have to change the ride height and possibly even the wing stays for smaller wheels. I always drive to and from the track using the same wheels and tyres. It’s really the only option for me as I don’t have a trailer.

6 trackdays are included in my policy and trackdays are often an option with classic car/motorsport specialists. If not you could try REIS as they will sell it alone but it costs more that way.

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Get a tyre rack sorted that fits to the roll bar and carry track wheels there.  You can usually borrow a jack and wrench or carry these in the footwell too.  I'd get a cheap set of track wheels and slicks and save your expensive road tyres.  With regards size, I haev used my 13" x 6" rims with 6" slicks on everything from 120 to 200+ bhp and had a whale of a time!

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please also remember that as a member of the Club, the Club's Employee and Public Liability policy will cover you for damage etc to third parties whilst on a Club trackday - a valuable benefit that should not be underestimated. 

To be clear, the policies outlined by Steve above cover damage to your car. You can buy third party cover but that would typically cost c.£350 per track day.

Further details can be found on page 5 of April 2018 Lowflying



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We can look at Track Day insurance for you :) just call in on 0333 207 6597

Just an FYI as well - we offer a bulk of 5 track days on some of our insurance policies so if you are planning on doing 2 or more this usually works out a lot cheaper doing it this way (anything from £200+ for 5 track days) and we also sell the standalone track days which can be anything from £120 really. Price will vary depending on contributing factors such as which track it is you are doing and the value you are covering but if you're curious feel free to give us a call and we can give you a quote to think about :)

As always, feel free to pm me with any questions,


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