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Brake pad backing plastic shim Mintex MGB533 M1144

Nigel Riches

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Hello out there in 7 wonderland.

I have just been doing some maintenance on the front brakes of my 1982 Caterham, the discs had started to drag, so something had to be done. 

Off with the wheels, and remove the pads, de grunge all the pins, anti squeal shims, pads, and the aperture in which the pads reside, all cleaned with commercial brake cleaner.

However I noticed a plastic "shim" or "packing" on the back of the pads, one of which on both calipers had been partially torn by the anti squeal shim, I have removed these in the interim, as the previously removed pads, not M1144 type, didn't have these, and I can't recall why I left them in place at original installation.

So with a good clean and some judicious application of copper ease to the sliding surfaces, after a quick blat, the wheels are now free, no more dragging, this is all really important, as the car is due for the final installment of its inspection to put it back on the road.

And further to all this, when I returned to the garage after the test I found the new master cylinder had been leaking, so more fun and frolics another day, probably leaking from the "pressure loss" contact, stupid plastic thing screwed into the M/C body, to indicate to dim wits there is a pressure loss on one of the brake circuits, if you can't feel this give up driving.

Anyway, any info on the plastic backing or shim gratefully received. Thanks.


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Thanks for the quick reply Guy. 

So am I right in thinking just use the plastic backing, toss out the metal shim, and for the weight conscious, a saving. 

Back in the shed tomorrow after time on the tread mill, will toss the shims and re-instate the plastic backings, then deal to the master cylinder, bastard!


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Hi Elie, thanks for the offer, I will probably just re-stick the plastic shims to the pads and see how things go, it would appear that one pad is still sticking,  so I will remove it and dress the edges where it fits in the caliper for an slightly looser fit, just remove the paint, which does seem to be quite generous.

However, things went from bad to worse earlier this afternoon, on the M/C there is an electrical spade terminal, to illuminate a pressure differential warning light, this was the cause of the leaking, it wasn't fully tightened, so I was a bit over generous with the spanner and the crappy plastic end broke off, just my luck, now the great hunt for a replacement, hens teeth and rocking horse poo, with large amounts of unobtainium come to mind, never mind flog on rewardless.

Cheers, Nigel.

P.S. Glad you got the camshaft tool does it do as you need?   

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