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Coventry MotorFest


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Rob, taken from last years final instructions, not sure if there are any changes for this year


The Paddock Area for this event is formed from a section of the Coventry Ring Road and is only accessible on foot via Junction 6. Access to the Paddock Area is restricted and admission is exclusively by a wristband, which will be issued at sign-on.

Competitors are only allowed vehicle access to the Paddock Area on Saturday and Sunday morning. No arrivals will be allowed on the Friday night.

Vehicle access will be via Junction 4 at the top of London Road from 07:30 until 08:30 each day. The team staffing Junction 4 will be provided with a list of competitors requiring vehicle access. Only towing vehicles, trailers and competition cars will be allowed access to the Paddock Area.

Members of competitor’s crews who are travelling in separate vehicles will need to park in a public car park. Details of these are available from the Coventry City Council website www.coventry.gov.uk There are NO EXCEPTIONS.

Competitors should be aware that paddock parking is ‘line astern’ on a dual carriageway, i.e. van, trailer and competition car in a straight line. When parking in the morning, please leave enough space from the rig in front to allow for loading and unloading of the adjacent rig.


If you require secure overnight parking, we have made the covered tunnel area available. This will be periodically monitored during the night by SIA registered security staff. Competitors can use the tunnel area for overnight camping using their race support vehicles as the road will remain closed all night.

Portable Toilets will be made available in this area for Officials and Competitors only. Refuse bins are not provided in this area, therefore we request that all rubbish in removed before you leave on any given day during the event.

All vehicles using the designated tunnel area for overnight parking and/or camping MUST be equipped with its own individual Fire Extinguisher.

Whilst we understand generators are a normal requirement, please be considerate to your 'neighbours'.

Please make sure you're with your vehicle, ready to move back into position by 09.30 latest on Sunday morning. Anything blocking the track after this time will be removed and impounded.

When parking in the tunnel overnight, keep the RIGHT HAND LANE of the dual carriageway completely clear to allow for emergency vehicle access.

Competitors should park tight against the central reservation on the right hand lane. The left hand lane MUST be kept clear,  as this is the only access road to and from the Course.

Once parked in the Paddock Area, competitors and members of their crew must sign on. Please refer to Section 4 - Signing-On for further details.

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