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Wiper position


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Could I possibly request some advice regarding wiper positioning (when parked)?
I've installed mine and ended up with what appears to be one higher than the other when parked, I'm not sure which to refit.  I'm thinking the driver's side should be lowered.




I've taken a look at PurpleMeanies blog and his wiper blades appear to be positioned as per my driver's side, however, I've also looked at dealer cars and those are much more horizontal, almost as though the wiper arm has been bent further.  Am I missing something here?


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If it helps.......I noticed that some replacement wiper blades I fitted (from Demon Tweeks) where the 'u shaped' bracket on the blade was riveted to the blade arm narrowed down and was a snug fit to the blade itself, this meant the blade angle was tightly fixed to the orientation of installation. Whereas the old blade I had replaced had a wider 'u shaped' bracket, with parallel sides, where the rivet holds it to the blade and as such the blade was able to sit in a wider range of orientation when placed on the screen, e.g. parallel to the screen surround. In fact the blade would wobble slightly in its own bracket when held in the hand, all was OK when in use though. I think the CC replacement blades are like the latter but some other aftermarket ones are the former.

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