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LED rear number plate light not working


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New kit build issue, and separated from the previous thread.


As per the discussion in the above thread, my rear number plate light isn't working. 

The LED light was fitted at the factory and the positive appears to be a direct connection into the loom I've not identified any crimped connector yet.  The ground has an eyelet looped through the mounting screw.

I've removed the light from the holder/bracket and using the ground eyelet touched the fuel tank, which I presumed is grounded.  With the power on, the light works.  I'm assuming a ground issue then?  

I've tried a continuity test as suggested by Jim and there is nothing between the fuel tank and the bracket, which explains the issue.   Could it be too much power coat on the bracket?  Or is there something else I should check before scratching the powder coat?



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The bracket is screwed to the frame with three self tapping screws.   If the bracket hasn't got a good earth, what about the screws?   Assuming the screws have a good earth put a serated washer under one of the mounting screws to get the earth in the bracket and another under the eyelet to get the earth from the bracket to the eyelet. 

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I checked the mounting screws which holds the bracket/holder onto the chassis across to the fuel tank and there was good continuity there.

I'm assuming its powder coat at this point, so I've removed a small amount from the inside of the mounting hole, and got continuity, the light now works by touching the eyelet on the inside of the hole.  Just need to reassemble,

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