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Vandalised headlight - broken wiring


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Stopped at a Logis near Argentan in France after the Le Mans Classic and woke to discover my wing mirrors had gone and that some toad had tried to remove one of the headlights by repeatedly rotating it. I have cobbled together the turn indicator and some of the other wiring but the edge on the tube at the base of the headlight where the wiring exits has severed the dip beam wire leaving no option to patch. I can get by without dipped heads until I get back to the UK but then I am wondering how best to permanently repair the wiring. Is the the black subloom socket to the headlight/indicator something I can source and then attach tails I can feed up through the support tube? If so, where can I get one.......looks like a bit of pig to do...


The car is a 2011 Roadsport 150 SV.


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Bad news, but unusual (thank goodness) in my experience. I'm sorry to hear of this.


Feeding cables through the stem should not be difficult but will be fiddly. I would take the unit off and set it up, then replace.


I hope you enjoyed the event itself.


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Bad news !!!


You can get all the Econoseal connectors from www.polevolt.co.uk if the connectors are damaged. it is not difficult with the nose and bonnet off. On my S3 there is enough length in the loom for is to be remade. Redid mine all recently when I put the lower headlights on.




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With the SVC headlight sub loom, they come the the Econseal pins and seals attached. You will only need to remove the old pins from your old connector, if done carefully no additional parts would be needed. No special tools to refit the econseal pins, the loom is as supplied with a new headlight from Caterham.
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Thanks all. Will get new loom from SVC when I get back. Mirrors are on there way here. I made a mistake parking in view of hotel but on other side of main road. Been doing trips to Carcassonne and all over France for 10 years. Never had a problem before. Classic was good but more commercialised than when I last did it.....
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