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I have a k-series and this morning the engine would not turn over...I hear the relays click and also my external relay I added for the solenoid, but nothing happens...


...OK, here is the odd part, without the key on, the 'small' terminal going to the solenoid (the red/striped wire) which usually (I think) gets power to start the car has constant 12V...


Would this imply that something went wrong inside the solenoid or did a wiring fault keep the solenoid/starter on while I was driving? Surely I would have heard that!

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See recent posts on this subject. Look for poor connections on red and black fat cables, especially earths to engine and chassis. Check liquid levels in battery. If battery flat, maybe not enough current to do anything.


Edit ..... That red and white cable should only be at 12v when starter pressed. Check wiring at relays for touching wires ? Will be draining battery. Is new relay a recent fit ? If car outdoors is it water on relay terminals ?




Edited by - Stationary M25 Traveller on 18 Dec 2010 12:08:11

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