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14 inch (or maybe 13?) Weller wheels, ebay £3.99 for 5

Roger Ford

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I can't believe nobody wants to spend 80p each on a set of spare wheels. I guess the lack of pose value kills them. "Oh, you've got STEEL wheels on your Caterham. How terribly common..."


It's not like they're any heavier than most alloys, and if they were good enough for Formula Fords...


Edited by - Roger Ford on 16 Dec 2010 17:57:43

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Yep, Senior's '72 formula ford uses exactly these wheels. Surprised he isn't buying them!

As I say I would be tempted but I already have a set of them, refurbed and ready for a nice set of wets *tongue*


EDITED TO ADD: Also, I love the fact that these are of the limited miles variety. All those unlimited wheels are getting on my nerves.


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Edited by - James_Russell on 16 Dec 2010 19:13:07

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