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Spa Design Convex Centre and F1 mirrors + clamps

Archie Procter

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Centre mirror part number SCCB-1 - convex glass in black. £65 delivered. Comes with U-clamp shown to mount to rollcage although you can mount these on a stalk on the scuttle. Stalks can be bought from Spa Design for about a tenner I believe.


Is in good condition with a couple of very minor scratches on the back and a a few very minor stonechips but glass is fine.


Formula F1 mirror - part number CBR with convex glass in black. Comes with rollcage clamp shown. Has some marks and stonechips on the back but glass is excellent. SOLD to Matthew.


See http://www.spa-uk.co.uk/design/mirrors/ for more info on dimensions etc


A pic is on Pistonheads here


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