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Acorn Stairlift


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Yep I know... well off topic but by the power of Blatchat.....


Back in September we had a Stairlift fitted in my mother’s house to aid here getting about once she returned from hospital.

Unfortunately she passed away in October so didn’t get a chance to try it out.... she would have probably hated it anyway :-)


I am now in the process of going through the house and to be blunt the Stairlift is in the way so I am eager to pass it on to a new home.


If anybody out there is looking for such a thing I would be more than happy to provide photos etc and discuss. The unit I still in warrantee and may be seen working.


Acorn also provide a service and re-installation service for their lifts.





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Gary, sorry to hear your news ☹️

We had the same issue to deal with a couple of winters back.


We ended up selling my late mothers Acorn stairlift on ebay to a stairlift engineer, apparently there is quite a 2nd hand market for these via the actual engineers, suppose you would call it a private job.


try ebay if no luck on here *thumbup*


Want to rent an 18th century Farmhouse in Rural Somerset?

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  • Area Representative

Our very own Chris Clark works in this industry and I'm sure he would be happy to advise. If he doesn't post here himself, send me a blatmail and I'll put you in touch. If blatmail is still a bit flaky after the recent server crash, call me on ohsevenninesevenfourninetwosevensixoneeight.



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